Since all books are printed in Haiti, it is difficult for us to ship and stock large quantities of books in the US.  However, we do maintain a small inventory of a few items in our US office.  We can ship small quantities to US, addresses. but if delivered here,  we must charge sales tax and shipping.
If you are traveling to Haiti and need larger quantities to distribute there, you don't need to fill your suitcase with heavy books.  We would be glad to meet you at the airport when you arrive and deliver books to you. In this case there would be no shipping charges, only a small delivery charge of $10.00.    
In Haiti you can pick up books at our office at #44 Rue Balmir, Delmas 83.  
Some of our most popular are in stock in the US:
Our landmark text,  Ann Pale Anglè is designed to teach English to Creole speakers that cannot afford to attend a formal English school, and the Ti Biznis books and the Open Bible Series are stocked.   
Our complement to Ann Pale Anglè is Chita Pa Bay,  a beautiful story in elementary Creole with a vocabulary of only 950 words to improve reading and comprehension of those wishing to learn and improve their Creole  
Purchasing of books from Halo:
 1.    Pays school expenses for many students
 2.    Supports many schools with these tuition payments
 3.    Spends millions of goudes in the local economy to support businesses
 4.     Employs Haitian workers in our office
 5.    Supplies affordable books to schools, churches, and libraries 
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