A New Chapter for HALO!
We are excited about the changes going on in this new chapter of HALO!
While we are ungoing a new look for our website, please read below and consider donating to HALO. Be a part of change in Haiti in the lives of young adults!
A Bit About HALO
Haitian Advanced Learning Opportunities Inc (HALO) has a rich history of helping educate young adults in Haiti in various fields: medical, education, technology, and business. The areas of education includes technical, trades, graduate programs and colleges.
HALO is focused on young adults and the soon-to-be leaders of tomorrow. Most programs in povety-stricken countries center on helping the children. HALO's approach is different. The young adults need skills and education to provide for themselves, their family, and help their communities and churches. A sustainable future.
HALO is a faith-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (tax deductible) working with and through the local churches in partnership to provide advanced learning opportunities.
These great endeavors happen because of generous donations. You can be a part of something happening somewhere else in the world that is making a difference in the lives of young adults. Donate Now. 
You can be a part of change in the world today!
These great endeavors exist only due to generous donations.